Constantly reminded of our potential as individuals and as a couple

Our experience confirms that couples therapy shouldn’t only be considered if a relationship is stagnant or in trouble.

Georgie and James

Universal Love

Sessions with Annette and Gabe hold you in an absolute deep beholding universal love.


Your love, support and Soul guidance assists me to continually evolve

From the bottom of my heart, thank-you. You have nurtured and supported me more than you’ll ever know and I hope to continue working together for the many years ahead.


You guys are amazing and I wish everyone in the world could meet you

My wife and I see them regularly, not because there is anything necessarily wrong, but just because they help so much in understanding where our relationship is at, and where it can go next.


An absolute Godsend for me

I’ve never had a bad, dull or even just ‘okay’ appointment with them – it’s always been amazing.


It is possible to be in love with everyone

...the deep and tender love they have for each other and others was what drew us to working with them.

Penelope and Michael

Offering the reflection of true relationship

The sessions have been hugely supportive in the deepening of our relationship.

Donna and Matthew

Counsellors like no other

My husband and I have been having Skype sessions with Gabe and Annette for the last 3yrs. These sessions have been pivotal in the beautiful and solid foundation we have in our relationship today.

Anne and Pete

There is nothing quite like a session with A&G

It started with a damaged knee. It is amazing how life’s greatest journeys always start with something so random.


A class of their own

Annette and Gabe are master communicators and I always feel supported and empowered when I have a session with them.


Dynamic power packed duo

Annette and Gabe are a dynamic power packed duo who bring incredible integrity, intimacy and depth of care to every minute they spend with you.



The gorgeous solidness they have as a couple is impossible not to feel, and they bring their experience of what it takes to build a loving partnership to every session with you.

Leonne and Joseph