We have been having Counselling sessions with Gabe and Annette from the start of our relationship 18 months ago. The sessions have been hugely supportive in the deepening of our relationship. These sessions offer the space for us to openly express with each other and to bring to the table anything that we feel we need to address within our relationship in a safe environment where we are both heard, and held in love, as well as being called to our accountability when necessary – all which help us to evolve as individuals and as a couple.

We look forward to our sessions with Gabe and Annette and continue with them regularly as we understand that relationships are something that should never be taken for granted, and that there is always another level of depth that can be accessed and deepened.

Gabe and Annette offer the reflection of a true relationship as they continue to work on the deepening of their own relationship, which in turn supports all relationships.

Donna and Matthew, Sydney, Australia