Bookings  /  Cancellation  /  Payment

To book an initial session there is the client contact form to be completed. Upon receiving the contact form we will respond via email or phone at our soonest chance (usually within 1 – 3 days) to discuss the interest and intention for wanting to book a session. Once we’ve spoken either by email or phone and discerned what support is being sought, we then proceed with the client to find the most suitable date and time to commence.

Once session times are confirmed we do request that clients be responsible with notifying us of any changes to their appointment time, as it is not part of our practice to send reminders for appointments. The basis and very nature of the particular style of healing and counselling we offer is around supporting people to observe taking greater responsibility in life to have an overall healthier life on every level, hence the requirement that clients keep a track of their own session times. The healing begins with making a booking, and continues as the awareness of all aspects of life being equal further develops.

We do request 24 hours notice for a cancellation, and we do have a cancellation policy of full payment being required for a ‘no show’, where a client does not arrive for a confirmed appointment (with exceptions to exceptional circumstances).

Payment methods and options will be discussed within the original consultation when making the initial booking.

To inquire further about what we offer or to book a consultation please Contact Us