An Introduction to Universal Medicine Therapies

Universal Medicine Therapies are complimentary to medicine healing modalities, developed and founded by Serge Benhayon. The modalities originate from the philosophy and understanding that,

“Everything is Energy and therefore Everything is because of Energy”
Serge Benhayon 1999

We live in a Universe abounding with energy and ceaseless movement; within this space there are two differing life forces of energy to align with and live life by. One is the vibration that can be easily experienced as holding true your essence and its complete beingness, a state of purposeful presence that is free of abuse, judgment and separation. This energy has been known for many thousands of years as ‘fire’ or ‘fiery energy’. The only other energy source available to us is one that allows a larger field of interpretation and as such we end up with various forms of destitutions we then have to seek remedy for. Although this other source of lifeforce is also divine, it is not, and it is our responsibility to reveal the fact, our true and original source of intelligence. This lesser vibration is known as prana. As we are energetic beings and require a life force to live, it is essential and fundamental to discern which energy we are allowing ourselves to be subject to.

How we live and the energy that we allow ourselves to live by is of great importance and impact to our bodies, our intention, the way we move, the tone of voice we speak in, the thoughts we harbour, the books we read, the food we choose to eat, the practitioner or health regime we choose to follow. In fact, every detail of our lifestyle, our health and our expression as human beings is precipitated through and by energy, the major question being, ‘what energy is impulsing your life?’ as the two energies, one healing and the other not our true and whole light, thus harming, have vastly different outplays, impressions and influences on our bodies, our rhythms and momentums in life.

“All is either good medicine or bad medicine in how we choose every aspect of how we live.”
Serge Benhayon ed1 Time, Space and all of us 2016

The science of these teachings is called Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility.

All Universal Medicine Therapies are impulsed and practised from the correct flow of fiery energy. And each proponent of these healing arts is well versed and to the best of their abilities endorse the foundations of Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility.

Gabrielle Caplice, Serge Benhayon, Annette Baker and Miranda Benhayon
Gabrielle Caplice, Serge Benhayon, Annette Baker and Miranda Benhayon.

A meeting with Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon is an incredibly important person in both our lives. Serge has reflected to and taught us in the most simple yet powerful way how to live life in a truly harmless and loving way, in a world that is intense with constant tension, fight, struggle and separation.

We both met Serge having Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions with him over 17 years ago (c.2001). These meetings left such an indelible mark and loving imprint with us both, and were absolute game-changing moments in how we viewed life and the way we were living. The connection instantly re-aligned us with the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and the philosophies of living true Brotherhood in this world – teachings we had always known deep in our core.

Serge is a “forever student of life”, as too are we, and ever since that meeting and throughout the last 17 years we have studied with him the teachings of ‘The Way of The Livingness’; through the lineage of Patanjali, Imhotep, Hermes, Buddha, Pythagoras, Yeshua, and more recent presenters; as well as learning, living and working with the Universal Medicine Healing Modalities, and the ongoing life-developing wholesome teachings from The School of The Livingness, Universal Medicine.

These teachings, from the Ancient Lineage to the Healing Modalities, all represent Philosophy, Religion and Science as One. This people, work, love and evolution centric manner of living our daily lives is known as ‘The Way of The Livingness’. Naturally stemming from this way of living much healing has occurred in every aspect of our lives and on every level of what is referred to as the human condition.

Informed with the incredible wisdom that comes from living and embodying these truths we have been able to totally reimprint our lives and the way we live, accepting a level of amazingness and purpose we could always sense was there and possible, but never knew how to bring into our lives and truly live.

Our relationship with Serge, his wife Miranda, and his entire family, encompasses unconditional love, true friendship, the deepest of care, and true role modelling; we are forever appreciative of their unwavering love, steadiness and multi-dimensional inspiration.