Life is Medicine is an ongoing series of Presentations and Workshops throughout each year that have been offered in Sydney since 2015.

We are both passionate about what Life is Medicine has to offer, hence our continued and dedicated involvement as Co-ordinators and regular Presenters of the Life is Medicine series.

Raising questions about how we can all live a more harmonious and truer interaction with our own bodies and with life, Life is Medicine invites the space for every participant to surrender to a deeper held sense within that we are grander and have a far greater purpose here on Earth than what we are often brought up to believe. The Life is Medicine Workshops support every person to reconnect to the deep knowing within of these greater truths.

In a society that recognises educational, monetary or sporting accolades as being the benchmark for success, Life is Medicine proposes that it is simply about being who we are in our essence, and bringing this to its fullness in our lives that is the mark of true success.

The philosophies and discussions that Life is Medicine presents and represents has a long lineage and ancestry with the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, brought through by many a great and true philosopher, and now in this current era by Serge Benhayon, who which these forums are inspired by.

The Life is Medicine series of Presentations and Workshops are a unique and vitally important opportunity to open up discussion around the many aspects of life that are not often questioned and examined, but rather simply accepted and taken on as ‘the norm’.

Life is Medicine is a constant invitation to open ourselves up to the possibility that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes, or what we read and hear in the news and on the streets. It is about an ongoing inquiry into ‘the more’ that is there for us all to consider to connect to in life and what it is truly about, if we so but choose.

Currently in our societies, and for a long time now, there has been a very prevalent sense of dissatisfaction with the state of the world, but hand-in-hand with this ill-at-ease feeling is a seeming lack of awareness as to what any one of us as individuals can do about this. Life is Medicine goes to the heart of every one of us and asks the over-arching question, ‘How do we make how we live our life our true medicine’?

The fact is that we can make a difference by the way we choose to live. We don’t have to go out marching and protesting on the streets, although we can if we want to, we don’t have to get angry and rebel against all the systems that are corrupt, adding more anger to the world, but we can be honest to ourselves about what’s going on and not get caught up in the lies; we don’t have to believe all that we are sold about food and what is ‘good’ for us, we can actually listen to our own bodies and respond to what it knows is our true fuel, hence we don’t have to add another body needing to be ‘fixed’ to the already over-loaded health care systems . . . the list of what we don’t have to buy into goes on and on.

In these open ‘forum style’ workshops the engagement with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds offering their view and observations of what is going on allows a deeper meaning to be arrived at, not only in terms of bringing more understanding to what’s going on, but also in how each one of us can play a significant part in affecting a change.

Life is Medicine addresses the fact that every one of us has the same potential to take greater responsibility with how we live; with our own bodies, in our families and homes, in our workplaces, in our more public interactions, basically in all our relationships and interactions, with people and with life.

The responsibility that Life is Medicine draws attention to is one of a greater commitment to our own health, our own vitality, and our own integrity, so that we may offer a healthier and more responsible reflection to the world. A reflection that shares the much needed message that we are here to work and live together in true collaboration, without judgement or harm, in true unity and harmony, and with genuine interest and care in where we are all going as a human race.

There is no question that questions need to be asked about our current and historic way of ‘doing life’; Life is Medicine asks the questions that often dare not get asked for fear of exposing the true level of responsibility that we have for too long been avoiding.

Important update: After four successful years hosted by Unimed Living Sydney the Life is Medicine series has developed a very solid foundation, such that new initiatives are now flowing through. To make way for these to be developed the Life is Medicine series is on hold whilst these other projects are developed and delivered. We will be sure to keep you updated here as to any future changes and or the return of this series.