Annette Baker

The innate feeling that there is ‘more to life than meets the eye’, is, for Annette the steady impulse and motivator to how she lives and what she dedicates her purpose and commitment to in life. This knowing that there is more for every one of us to connect to and engage with is a never-ending source of inspiration that leads the way in Annette’s own development in life and relationships, and also in how she supports others in their own learning and healing.

Having spent three decades working in the hospitality industry, Annette’s love of people, of service and of relationships, led her to taking this natural care and sensitivity of people and of the body to the area of health and well-being. Working as a Counsellor and Practitioner of the Universal Medicine Therapies, Annette deeply respects the absolute honour it is to work with people on a one-to-one basis, and with her gorgeous partner Gabe in Relationship Counselling, in supporting others through their own exploration of knowing themselves more intimately, so that they may live a life that honours and represents who they were truly born to be, and what they are uniquely here to express and reflect.

Being met with Annette’s tenderness has been known to inspire the toughest of men, women and children to feel this same quality in themselves, and from there let go to simply be themselves.

What clients have shared...

You guys are amazing and I wish everyone in the world could meet you

My wife and I see them regularly, not because there is anything necessarily wrong, but just because they help so much in understanding where our relationship is at, and where it can go next.

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Your love, support and Soul guidance assists me to continually evolve

From the bottom of my heart, thank-you. You have nurtured and supported me more than you’ll ever know and I hope to continue working together for the many years ahead.

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A class of their own

Annette and Gabe are master communicators and I always feel supported and empowered when I have a session with them.

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Offering the reflection of true relationship

The sessions have been hugely supportive in the deepening of our relationship.

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