Relationships? Speak to friends and everyone agrees they’re not easy – to the extent that there’s hundreds of books and videos about how not to get hurt and how we’re from different planets. And this is not exclusive to a certain class, from movie stars and politicians to nurses and cleaners we all struggle when it comes to matters of the heart. This is certainly our experience too – to the extent we were both content to live without a partner. What changed for us was meeting each other and then having sessions with Annette and Gabe. Contrary to other Relationship Counsellors they did not attempt to give us new systems or tools to fix our issues but just confirmed the beauty they saw in us both. The gorgeous solidness they have as a couple is impossible not to feel, and they bring their experience of what it takes to build a loving partnership to every session with you. There is no blame or critique in what they say, and they deliver the truth, in an honoring way. It’s incredible the amount of people we know whose relationships have been supported by them too. It’s safe to say we would not be together, as husband and wife today if it wasn’t for these two. Thank you so much with all our hearts, for the inspiration to go deeper with Love.

Leonne and Joseph, Melbourne, Australia.