The Esoteric Practitioners Association

Annette and Gabrielle both belong to the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association, a body of members, associates and practitioners who have dedicated themselves to live a way of expression in life that honours the principals of Harmlessness, Brotherhood, Energetic Integrity, Energetic Responsibility and a beholding love from the inner heart that holds everyone equally with compassion and understanding.

The EPA has a precise and vigilant protocol; a code of ethics and conduct that sets a world class standard. As practitioner members we are stating openly our alignment to the teachings of an esoteric way of life and The Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

We are committed to the energetic laws on love, true religion, science, philosophy and metaphysics, to the best of our ability, and our continual personal development which is our own unfolding relationship with evolution.

As practising practitioners of The Universal Medicine Therapies that belong to the energetic ancient healing arts there is a responsibility to loving service and a purpose to nurture and support all of our clients and connections to restore themselves back to a true relationship with their Soul, and the powerful healing that emanates from this inner most centre, at their own pace and volition.

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