Annette and Gabe live a life in total union, our greatest joy is working together, loving together and serving together.

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We invite you to use this space as a resource, an interactive website that holds courses, videos, audios, interviews and articles for you to enjoy, learn and evolve with. This site also encompasses our services, as well as opportunities to participate in upcoming events and workshops that are aligned with the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and philosophies. Dive in.

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What we offer


A counselling session with us is supportive of the client expanding to new levels of awareness and personal and worldly insight, this is instigated by them, thereby determining their own path of change at their own pace.

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Universal Medicine Therapies

Annette and Gabe are both full time practitioners of energetic healing using Universal Medicine Therapies. These therapies combine counselling and honest expression with gentle and nurturing energetic healing on the body, supporting the client to re-connect with their inner-most essence and surrender to the impulses of their Soul.

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Presentations, Workshops & Events

Our love of learning as students of ancient philosophy and multi-dimensionality, also known as The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, has naturally inspired us to share what we have learnt, and road tested extensively in our own lived experience into presentations and workshops, videos and audios.

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A Moment on Relationships

Living 24/7 with your family, partner, friends or flatmates

You’re invited to reflect on the opportunity to deepen and advance in our relationships, having greater respect, love and purpose together, and how not to get bored or react to one another.

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Commitment to Loving Relationships

Commitment to Loving Relationships

This course offers simple foundational tools in what relationships are about, that will support the development of all relationships, beginning with developing a loving, steady and consistent relationship with ourselves first.

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What our clients say ...


Annette and Gabe are a dynamic power packed duo who bring incredible integrity, intimacy and depth of care to every minute they spend with…

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Recent Articles

Turning a Blind Eye to Suicide

This article offers a consideration of the greater level of care and focus that the incidence of suicide globally requires of every one of us, by asking us each to look at our own level of connection or disconnection.

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The visible trace of #ghosting

What is Ghosting all about? How did this become a ‘normal’ part of our expression in Dating and then start to pervade into other aspects of our relationships?

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The Truth Revealed

Annette’s personal sharing about The Ageless Wisdom Teachings and the profound and powerful impact this has had on her life. If you’ve ever asked the question “what’s it all about?” you’ll love this . . .

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The healing in being sick

This article looks at and exposes the relationship we have with being sick and asks us to consider the greater healing that is on offer.

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