Esoteric Massage is a Complementary to Medicine healing modality that belongs to The Universal Medicine Therapies, developed and founded by Serge Benhayon.

In reference to the fact that our bodies have an intelligence, a physical expression that knows correct flow and harmony in all its gestures, movements, shifts, changes, and actions.

When we disconnect from this movement of harmony and for example go into anxious energy, drive or push, injure or exhaust our bodies, ill patterns of energy are ingrained and or absorbed into the body. These energies can be felt as areas of hardness or tension, blockages, strain or discomfort in the body. It makes sense that this would compromise and stress the inner workings, fluidity and mobility of our bodies, everything from the connective tissue to our muscles, joints, organs, veins and bones can get affected. Our bodies can also get locked up and inflexible when we’re plagued by negative thoughts, self-doubt, pain, burdens and rigid ideals and beliefs, inhibiting and constraining the way we move.

Everyone has felt at some time or other being stressed or worried and almost instantly having tight and sore neck and shoulders, this is just one simple and often occurring example of how our thoughts can impact our body. And so we have a situation where creating repetition of false movements, or movements coming from an overcompensation imposed onto the body, can result in restricting the natural flow of movement within the body.

Esoteric massage can offer very deep healing for the body by addressing the way the body moves that leads to dysfunction, and the energy that is aligned to that moves the body against its own natural flow and harmony.
Esoteric Massage

How is Esoteric Massage practised?

Esoteric Massage is distinct from all other forms of massage, there is no deep tissue work, no pressure applied, no movements to alleviate discomfort, or create relief. It is specific in its focus only on relevant areas of the body pertaining to the techniques. The client therefore retains privacy and discretion as the massage techniques do not require full disclosure of the whole body, and only access to certain areas.

The treatments are practised in a nurturing environment, with warm towels, heated eye pillows, warm creams and oils to allow the body to surrender more fully to the massage process. This encourages the client to ‘let go’ of staying in the tension and normal everyday protection that is lived in life. The techniques are tender, gentle and succinct as they are applied to support clearing the negative energetic imprints of stress, what we are holding onto and take on through life, and any movements or injuries that have imbued the body into a false movement or disharmony.

The Esoteric Massage can leave a client with a greater sense of body connection and awareness and is a perfect complimentary ally for existing medical support in recovery from injury or illness and is a great part of any programme for general well-being.

Please note: Esoteric Massage is not available for women who are pregnant.

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