Well-being for Women presentations are an offering for women to come together and communicate in a deeper, more self-reflective way on all issues of inner health, and wellbeing.

The presentations are held world-wide and are an initiative that belongs to the umbrella company Esoteric Women’s Health founded by Natalie Benhayon.

Well-being for Women (WB4W) are gathering’s for women of all ages, that are educational, involve discussion and questioning of our current models of relationships, health and wellbeing, our life choices whether they are successful or not, and what has been imposed on us as the accepted societal beliefs.

The understanding being that women have an innate wisdom that knows what is truly supportive, and that we inherently know what is nurturing and loving for us, however we don’t always choose it for ourselves, nor value ourselves as the recipients of this level of honouring. The equanimity, sharing and group work in WB4W workshops open us up to reveal the blockages, and counteract the self-imposed sabotaging behaviours and sometimes negative self-talk and thoughts that can control women, eventuating in carrying self-doubt, lack of self-worth and self-loathing. The safe, healing and fun environment is totally absent of judgement and invites all women to explore more true foundations for themselves and their greatest potential.

It is an honour for Gabrielle and Annette to present and participate in the WB4W workshops that are on each year in Sydney. For more information on the events and booking visit Well-being for Women at Esoteric Women’s Health or Unimed Living.