Gabrielle Caplice

One of the most important priorities for Gabrielle in all her relationships is to work towards a greater understanding of one another, to know each other more deeply and know what makes us tick. With calmness and sensitivity, she knows innately how to nurture a relationship to support another to trust, open-up and share of themselves freely, no matter what is disturbing or concerning them, or even what is there to appreciate that hasn’t been expressed.

Gabe has been working lovingly serving people for many decades, through the hospitality industry and now with counselling and being a full-time practitioner of the Universal Medicine Therapies; she has a warm and holding love of people and finds engaging with others easy and not something that has to be worked at.

In session Gabe establishes intimacy, simplicity and commitment, with a direct and down to earth, pragmatic, firmly loving approach. For Gabrielle, relationships are foundational in life, and our greatest relationship being the one with our Soul. Her dedication is to support everyone she is in relationship with to evolve to their own highest truth in relationships, and to find a way back to loving themselves more fully.

What clients have shared...

Counsellors like no other

My husband and I have been having Skype sessions with Gabe and Annette for the last 3yrs. These sessions have been pivotal in the beautiful and solid foundation we have in our relationship today.

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Dynamic power packed duo

Annette and Gabe are a dynamic power packed duo who bring incredible integrity, intimacy and depth of care to every minute they spend with you.

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A class of their own

Annette and Gabe are master communicators and I always feel supported and empowered when I have a session with them.

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Universal Love

Sessions with Annette and Gabe hold you in an absolute deep beholding universal love.

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