Sacred Esoteric Healing is a Complementary to Medicine healing modality that belongs to The Universal Medicine Therapies, developed and founded by Serge Benhayon.

The distinction with these therapies is that they encompass the whole body and its innate true intelligence in conjunction with the energetic healing, under the governance of the Soul. The healing arising from the client’s connection and surrender to their Soul, the practitioner in integrity and alignment with their Soul, and the direct connection to the One Soul. This soulful union is a pure co-creation with God, a point of light and a point of true healing.

These healing therapies do not ever attempt to provide a cure, fix, or relief from illness, disease and their symptoms, nor are they an alternative path to professional medical advice and expertise.

The Universal Medicine Therapies present to any client an opportunity to re-centre themselves and consider the truth that the natural intelligence and homeostasis of the body is honestly sharing with them. The offering is there for the client under free will to observe, be responsible with and initiate changes in accordance with this esoteric awareness, or not.

Practitioners of Universal Medicine Therapies live by a stringent and highly professional code of ethics [EPA] which represent the truth of The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, two of the fundamental principals being a life lived (without perfection) in accordance to Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility.

How is it practised?

Sacred Esoteric Healing is performed using very gentle hands on healing techniques practised with a sensitive, warm, and light touch on the client’s fully clothed body. It is non-invasive and allows the client the possibility to simply be with themselves and deeply surrender to their own inner connection, a place of stillness and joy. Clients frequently comment on how relaxing this experience is and often wish to remain uninterrupted in this state of repose.

What happens in a session?

The healing session begins with expressing with your practitioner what has been going on for you, how you’re feeling, what you’re sensing in your body, what has been affecting you in your life, and also what you’ve been appreciating. This gives the client a moment to pause and connect to what is percolating inside of them needing to be expressed. This moment of realisation and honesty is the first unfolding part of the healing.

It’s quite common for clients to be driving to a session of healing thinking, ‘What am I going to talk about today?’ Or to be facing an experience that they require support and guidance with and consider that a healing session is what’s needed to help get to the truth.

Sometimes what disturbs us in our lives, relationship issues, health problems, work challenges, or just the day-to-day low level anxieties and tensions are absorbed and taken on in our bodies. This can have us moving around withdrawn, burdened, confused, distracted and quite tense in our daily interactions and communications.

When you give yourself permission to connect to your essence, a place of feeling whole and restored in your being, then what filters into focus that doesn’t equal that love energetically can be discerned and released.

Re-connection to your natural true self can facilitate the shifting of harming behaviours, negative thought patterns, more understanding of yourself and others, breaking down of closed and inflexible beliefs, and greater acceptance of our life lessons, paving a way for more clarity and true change in relationships and living.

What can be learnt from these moments of self-realisation and exploration can then be activated and utilised in daily life, offering the possibility for life to be lived in a more harmonious, loving, truthful and purposeful way; quite the opposite to how many are living life these days, dogged by struggle, stress, uncertainty, fight and isolation.

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