When clients come and experience their first session in Sacred Esoteric Healing, usually it’s a revelation….. many realisations slowly culminating to bring about a sense of knowing that what they are feeling in the session is resonating as a truth, a truth that has felt very distant but not forgotten!

If aligned to, this sense of knowing continues to develop well after the client leaves the healing room. Sometimes it occurs to them that this is what they have been missing in life all along:

A deeper connection with themselves, and to know themselves more completely.

Frequently what I witness is the whole of the client’s body relaxing and letting go on the table, trusting in a truth they already know deep within, listening to and feeling themselves tentatively, remembering how precious they are.

What I see is ‘body sighs’, and subtle movements and signs from the whole body that it can let go, relinquish control and surrender to a deep restful state or sleep, which is evidence from their bodies of the fact that Sacred Esoteric Healing can be a profound tool that supports us in reuniting with and connecting to our very essence. For most people when this happens it is a pivotal moment, as it feels so serene, strong and beautiful to feel this connection and they are keen to explore more truth and begin to understand themselves more fully.

It is not uncommon for clients to arrive at Sacred Esoteric Healing from a place of illness, or damage and disappointment in their lives, so it is important to reassure them to take time to unfold in their healing process. They need to understand that they will not heal or have ALL of the answers overnight and that the healing process is an unfolding.

Sacred Esoteric Healing as a modality is very different to other healing modalities, because this modality recognizes that it is the Soul of the client that impulses the healing for themselves, and thus they heal of their own volition. Sacred Esoteric Healing holds as a basic premise that we can all only come to true healing and change from our own willingness.

Each person is choosing exactly what they want to disclose and heal at the time that it feels relevant in their life or body to bring it forth for healing. This occurs in the most simple and natural of ways, from just talking honestly and sharing a depth of feeling, to then nominating and exposing the truth of the issue, hurt or situation and then accepting how that has taken them away from themselves, or wasn’t true for them in the first place. With this honesty and through the treatment from the modality, the client can then allow their body to melt and let go of the offending energy that has blocked them from greater awareness.

Most people are incredibly moved by the power of their Soul healing them in such a simple and ordinary way, no enlightenment, no bliss, no stimulation; just a gentle ‘hands on the body’ healing that has a way of restoring us back to our authentic selves, bringing us back in touch with our sensitivity and our inner self-confidence.

For some, whilst they are ensconced in this process, the actual healing feels incremental and gradual, with subtle, sometimes imperceptible changes.

What I notice isn’t subtle however, what I see regularly in sessions is the massive shifts that people have in the way they think and feel and thus begin to choose more loving ways of living their lives. As a result of those choices their lives start to follow a certain flow, a natural order, we could say that they start to live more “who they are”, and accordingly their life co-ordinates to this natural flow. Clients start to comment regularly on how well they feel in themselves, how together they feel, more relaxed and how they feel strengthened to cope with the tensions of life.

Some of the areas of development I have noticed in clients lives are where they:

  • Exude more confidence and naturally make life choices that are consistent with being more supportive and loving ways to live their lives.
  • Tend to eat in a healthier way and with more awareness of their body.
  • Open up to more intimacy and learning to be more expressive within their relationships.
  • Go to sleep when they are tired instead of pushing themselves to keep going.
  • Speak more appreciatively about themselves and others.
  • Are more honest, calm, patient and sensitive.
  • Tend to have a sense of purpose and direction and a deeper understanding as to what life and learning lessons in life is all about.
  • Feel more content and less stressed, they feel less of the push to create more success in their lives based on achieving
  • Act and express in a way that shows they are more accepting of themselves, others and life.

As a result of this, their lives open up to being more synchronised and flowing, things make sense and the right timing of doing things is contemplated.

What they also begin to experience is the true meaning of abundance, where, from loving choices they magnetically pull more that is love towards them; in other words the more they make decisions for themselves and others that are true and loving, what they express out in this energy will cycle back and return to them.

What they receive in these moments is another opportunity to experience a greater level of love, and on and on it continues to open up like this with each loving footstep they place in front of the other; this is what it feels like to grow, develop and evolve. As I watch people develop, making more true and loving choices for themselves, I don’t have to be a prophet to feel where their life is headed; what I can see is the sum of the choices that they make in harmony and love, strengthen, gather and become more consistent.

Examples of some life changes I have seen in clients include:

  • People giving voice to their dissatisfaction in the workplace, which sometimes leads to addressing issues that have been overlooked or suppressed at work, or the claiming of a new job.
  • Relationships that were struggling and stuck on hurts, all about issues, re-connect and feel more loving.
  • People who have suffered illness from self-neglect, recover and become more self-nurturing, healthy and energetic.
  • People who come to Sacred Esoteric Healing feeling really lonely and isolated, begin a relationship with themselves and become more confident to let the love of others in.

It is always so richly rewarding to explore a depth of ourselves and bring this depth into our expression. Sacred Esoteric Healing as a modality has so much to reveal to us when we are prepared to work patiently with ourselves and the healing that ensues from the sessions. It is not a quick fix or a band-aid therapy, and when wisely used with commitment and dedication it can be an ongoing project of healing and loving yourself which develops the relationship we have not only with ourselves but with all others we relate to.

Sacred Esoteric Healing offers continued healing well after you have come off the healing table.