1. Love is Love- Life after the Vote

Love is Love – Life after the Vote

Same sex marriage may have been legalized in Australia at last, however, what of the attitude that still pervades our world that discriminates and sees any minority group as not being equal? Our future is our past and it is a society that holds every single person equally for the uniqueness of who they are and what they have to share with the world, without exception. This is a cracker of a video that is informed by and eventuates from half a lifetime of experience. We don’t hold back in this opportunity to share everything that we are feeling and more on this subject. Enjoy the moment with us!

Contracton in Relationships

A Deeper Look at Contraction in Relationships

Ever witnessed your partner ‘disappear’ before your very eyes and wondered what’s going on? Most relationships collapse under pressure when one person contracts, and the other is often at sea as to know how to be with this. Do they support? Do they leave them to come out of it on their own? Is it the end of the relationship? In this video we share a true way forward from contraction in relationships.

Seperate Lives

Separate Lives

Separate lives can happen when we miss connecting together in the seemingly simple moments within our relationships. Then we discover that we are estranged and that separation has become our new normal. In this short video we talk about the ways in which this phenomena takes shape, and some 101 basics to get back on track with one another.

Developing Communication in your Relationships

Developing Communication in your Relationships

Are you committed to supporting one another in relationships and inspiring each other to bring out the best version of who you are? Or do you expect that the communication in your relationships will deepen and expand on its own without any committed engagement and love? We need to lift the bar on how we communicate in our relationships by supporting each other with our expression, instead of dismissing, rejecting or reacting to the individual and unique way we all express. This video highlights how important this is.


Building Intimacy in your Relationships

Believe it or not intimacy starts with you, you in relationship with you; only then can we share the deeper aspects of who we are with another. Allowing yourself to be seen in your vulnerability is the key to building intimacy; this means letting go of the guard of protection and being open to revealing your sensitive self.

Love is all around us

Love is all around us if we See, Hear and Feel it

Could you be missing cues from the people in your life that they want to get closer? Have you shut down to the obvious signs of love being communicated whilst you’ve been busy wanting love to be expressed ‘your’ way? So many nuances of how we express love to another can be misunderstood, misrepresented or flat out ignored. Take the time to observe how the people you love express how they love.

loved and adored

When everyone wants to be loved and adored, why do we settle for less than that?

Relationships can stagnate and plateau if we don’t work at growing and developing within them. The current relationship epidemic is that we settle for less and ‘accept slops’, and then wonder how they disintegrate before our very eyes. To have the love that we all truly crave in relationships requires commitment and dedication, and not ever an expectation that someone else will just come along and deliver all that we know we deserve. The antidote to this epidemic is that we all have to bring our all to access the full potential that is always present and available in our relationships.

Communication without Reaction

How do we have Communication without Reaction?

To build intimacy in expression in our relationships we have to be expressing with intimate detail, not just on a daily basis but on a moment-to-moment basis. This establishes a foundation that supports a relationship to remain steady, sturdy and rock solid when the inevitable curve balls from life come to affect us. This video addresses that a large portion of the breakdown in communication in relationships is simply caused by the fact that through lack of basic decency and care we avoid dealing with the small disturbances along the way.

Why and how do we have loneliness in relationships?

Why and How Do We Have Loneliness in Relationships?

Why and how do we have loneliness in relationships? Answer: Because we make a choice to not connect. If you’re finding your relationship stale, boring, mundane or pedestrian, perhaps it’s time to take a deeper look at what you’re bringing to it, what are you offering the relationship so that it can be nurtured and may grow . . . Love in relationships has to start with loving ourselves first. The first hint of loneliness arrives when we are disconnected from ourselves, and then ironically we often blame separation in our relationships on others. Yet to identify that you are lonely in a relationship can only have arisen from an original separation to your true self first.