Did you know – expression can be harming or healing?

Did you know – expression can be harming or healing?

In this audio presentation Universal Medicine Practitioners Josephine Bell, Jenny Ellis, Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, explore the truth of whether our expression can be harming or healing, the quality and tone of how we communicate and the intent behind the expression which brings with it all cause and consequence. Therefore, presenting our collective responsibility as sentient beings to how we communicate and express with each other in Humanity.

Same sex relationships part 2 - love is love

Same Sex Relationships Part 2 – Love is Love

Part two of the same sex relationships audio revisits the same three couples, this time they discuss how they would support and reassure a young gay teenager if they were to come to them. What unfolds is an amazing group sharing on how to nurture and develop loving yourself first and foremost and then establish loving foundations with another person. What is highlighted is that love is love for everyone and inclusive of us all, and no one is separated from this principal. Join in the joy and universal truths of this conversation and ponder on what you would add in expression.

Same sex Relationships part 1 - First Realisations

Same Sex Relationships Part 1 – First Realisations

In this audio presentation, three same sex couples from Germany, England and Australia come together to discuss shared realisations of how they felt ‘growing up Gay’ and what they encountered from their surrounding world, especially with beliefs as they emerged and expressed themselves in their sexuality. The conversation is raw, honest, playful and very intimate and there is so much life experience and wisdom shared. This audio is relevant for everyone to listen to, as the path of learning for each of us in relationships may be unique and varied, the responsibility to live together lovingly is the one-unified philosophy for us all.

Ease Unease Audio


In the space that has been lockdown during Covid-19, we have noted more ease in people; a release of pressure to live up to life’s expectations. There is a simplicity due to the lack of choice, this has offered more moments for people to explore just being with themselves without all the usual stimulations. Lucy Dahill, Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice discuss the lessons that have arisen at this time that offer opportunities to uncover the un-ease and disease normally lived with, and the healing that comes from that greater awareness and self-realisation.

Criticism in families

Criticism in Families

In anxiousness, fear, hurt and judgement we can easily communicate criticism. Our family environment is a breeding ground for receiving criticism in its non-verbal and verbal representations, and this is felt as a harm in and on our bodies. There is often a lacking in the foundation of expressing appreciation and honouring with one another, it is more common to register the annoying, irritating and negative traits. This audio presentation with Lucy Dahill, Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, was so huge a topic it had to be captured in two parts. It is important listening for everyone.

Self-care in Health-care

This great discussion came about within the time of self-isolations and lockdowns due to COVID-19; it was presented as a much needed support for health care workers and equally addresses the responsibility that we all can take in our own lives to take true care with our well-being.

Anxiety in Relationships with Annette & Gabe

Anxiety in Relationships

With an increase in people suffering symptoms of anxiety, Annette and Gabe discuss here with Lucy Dahill the effects of living with anxiety in relationships.

Annette and Gabe

The Honest Truth

It is so important for us to get to the very depth of our truth and how we are truly feeling about everything in our lives. This discussion unveils some of what gets in the way of us being able to simply express how we feel, and supports the listener with practical tools to getting to their honest truth.

Stay in the Loop with Lucy

The Debilitating Scourge of Fear

Fears can privately torture us and we are reluctant to express them. This podcast delves into fears within our relationships and how they keep us in a box. It is Gold.

same sex marriage

Gay Relationships and Same Sex Marriage

In this show we discuss the year leading into the same sex marriage vote in Australia, the pressure, and at times what felt like abuse with same sex relationships and their ‘politics’ and ‘lifestyle’ under intense scrutiny and debate. This conversation really could be about any minority group, any situation where those who are considered ‘different’ are expected to explain how they fit into ‘normal’ society. We address the importance of role models for gay relationships, the need for support and understanding in families, and the feeling and sentiment now that same sex marriage has been legalized in Australia.

Intimacy Up Close and Personal

Intimacy – Up close and Personal

Intimacy allows us to be totally unguarded, revealing the essence of who we are and sharing these qualities equally with everyone. It begins with a relationship of getting to know ourselves very well, uncovering the deeper aspects of who we are; it is this that offers the capacity to be the open loving being we are with everyone.

Decency and Respect

Decency and Respect in Relationships

Our bodies have an intelligence that knows when a move, a word or a gesture do not hold the qualities of decency and respect. This discussion addresses the importance of setting a standard that doesn’t tolerate expressions in life that are less than at least decent and respectful . . . and that’s way before we even get to love.

The Heart and Power of Love

The Power of Love and the Heart

The biggest issue we see in session is that people are holding back their expression of love, at the same time as not feeling loved by others. What if holding back our love means others can’t access love in us and we can’t feel love from them? Could this be having an impact on our health as well as our relationships . . . definitely a question worth pondering.

Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships

Is the quality of communication we are having in our relationships functional, or is there an open-ness to a more intimate level of expression? This discussion reveals that being prepared to be real and vulnerable in relationship with ourselves and genuine in our enquiry of others actually invites the space to go to greater depths in all our relationships.

A Commitment to Love

A Commitment to Love

Cassie asks some great questions in this interview, mostly around how to grow through difficult situations in relationships. We share about dismantling defensiveness in relationships, always seeing each other through fresh eyes, and not judging one another based on old patterns and hurts. This one’s all about the commitment.

Radio National

Relationships And Marriage (The Issue)

A lively discussion on Relationships and marriage from three different religious viewpoints. Hosted by Noel Debien, inspired by Jane Caro’s ABC Series ‘For Better For Worse’, showcasing the variety of thinking around Relationships that exists in Australia.

Making a relationship about true love

Making a Relationship About True Love

In this our first ever public presentation in August 2013, we were invited to share about the very practical aspects in our relationship that were applied into our daily rhythms that supported the commitment we had made from the start to ever-deepening the love that we could live. We share here, quite humorously, about what got us through the challenging moments of growth during the more difficult early years of our relationship.