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Below you will find links to courses we have presented that are currently available online. They can be enjoyed in your own home at your own pace, either alone or with a partner, friend or family member.

These courses, as with the focus of all our work, typically represent a deeper consideration and pondering on relationships, as well as life in general and it’s meaning and purpose, offering space for the viewer and participant to reflect on what is being shared, relating it to the context of their own life, and if willing and or necessary apply some of what is revealed to their own well-being and healing.

A Moment on Relationships

Living 24/7 with your family, partner, friends or flatmates

You’re invited to reflect on the opportunity to deepen and advance in our relationships, having greater respect, love and purpose together, and how not to get bored or react to one another.

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Commitment to Loving Relationships

Commitment to Loving Relationships

This course offers simple foundational tools in what relationships are about, that will support the development of all relationships, beginning with developing a loving, steady and consistent relationship with ourselves first.

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