Our approach to counselling is one of supporting people back to an understanding that there is a healthier way of living and taking care of themselves in every aspect of life.

By introducing that when a greater level of care, consideration and love is brought into daily life and offered to the being and the body, the quality of life has the potential to change on every level, from low confidence to true self-confidence, from low or no vitality to true vitality, from lacking interest in life to feeling inspired and ready to engage more with life, and of course in the interactions and relationships across all areas of life having the possibility to become more open, honest, real and sustainable.

Counselling sessions with us and through our clinic can be approached from a variety of ways, which is assessed based on the initial and particular needs of each client.
Counselling Sessions with Annette and Gabe

In the first contact with new clients and by getting a feel for what the focus of their request for counseling is, we determine what most suits and we begin from there. Throughout the time spent with us, we adapt the treatment for the client according to any personal and circumstantial changes along the way.

What we are most known for and certainly specialize in is Relationship Counselling. Specifically here, most people when they hear the word ‘relationship’ automatically think ‘couple’; however, when we reference ‘Relationship’ this means all Relationships, and therefore is not limited to or confined to those that pertain to ‘a couple’.

As we understand it the most important relationship that needs developing and nurturing is the one we have with ourselves, as it is the health, strength and vitality of this relationship that affects all others. As such we always include and bring focus to this whether it be in sessions where people come on their own, with a partner, family member, business partner or friend; sensitively highlighting the areas of self-awareness and self-responsibility that may be being overlooked, and are therefore contributing to unnecessary complexity or complication in a persons’ own life and if so, very likely, in other significant relationships around them.

We do of course work with couples, and this is an area that has always been of great interest to us both, and an area where a lot of people are in need of and seeking support. With the pressures of modern life and the high expectations and demands that people are facing, one of the first areas of life that seems to be put to the back of the ‘priority queue’ is the relationship between partners, subsequently adding a whole range of other disturbances and complications to an often already overwhelmed situation.

What we see in this area of relationships is that if our partner relationships are taken greater care of and given the dedication and expression of love that is deserved, in addition to offering this same love to ourselves, then these other pressures do not necessarily have to take the toll they so often seem to take, in the form of relationship breakdowns, family breakdowns, financial insecurity, ill health and sometimes suicide.

Our work with couples, or any relationship dynamic, is not geared towards an outcome of keeping people together if they arrive to us in crisis; but rather through listening, feeling, energetically reading, and discussing the situation, supporting people through their own process of honesty and encouraged observations, to arrive at what is the next true step to take.

All our Relationship Counselling work, no matter what the relationship, is not only when people are at crisis point; a lot of clients use the sessions very wisely to go deeper with one another, or as ongoing ‘maintenance’, or simply from time to time to address conversations that perhaps are difficult to navigate alone with each other, and therefore through choosing to access a session, make available to themselves the benefits of the unbiased observers perspective that we unconditionally offer.

We take the greatest of care in how we work with all our clients, and with the deepest respect and understanding for their unique situation we offer the possibility of re-connecting with what feels true for them in their life and on their unique path, rather than being stuck and often frustrated in feeling they need to subscribe to fit a box they may have taken on from society, cultural or familial ideals and beliefs.

Whatever particular relationship environment a person is in, we offer support to work through the blockages that get in the way of having the most open, honest, truthful and loving relationships that are possible to us all, in the relationship with ourselves and with all others and everything else in life.

Working locally, nationally and internationally, our sessions are available in person at our clinic in Sydney and frequently at other interstate clinics throughout Australia, or face-to-face sessions via Skype.

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