Fourteen years ago, emotionally spent in a nine year relationship, and indeed somewhat disillusioned about ever being loved on the level I felt that I could be; I turned up on the doorstep of a Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner, hurt and looking for understanding.

This particular practitioner opened the door, gave me a big warm hug, and took me into her treatment room, where within a few moments I was unburdening myself with my sufferings as if I had known her for years.

The level of trust and relaxation that I felt with her immediately was both exciting, because such an instantaneous connection felt new, and yet so totally normal, as if I had known this way of relating all my life. I was later to come to the realization that she had been meeting me with true love.

The first healing treatment was like a resignation from my body I had longed for, even though I had no idea what was happening, I just knew that I could let go.

I went home and slept for 3 hours straight, when I awoke I felt as free and light as I had known myself to be as a child in the summer holidays. I felt together in my body, clear and like I had a sense of humour, and that there was nothing in life to really worry about that I didn’t already have the inner strength to deal with. In other words I felt like my natural self, it was at once simple and yet also a revelation.

For fourteen years I have received regular sessions of Sacred Esoteric Healing, I have committed to regular healings because right from the beginning I recognized how much I was developing and growing myself through the healing treatments and counselling.

What I learnt was, that it was my soul healing me, my soul being true love was allowing me to feel and see all the layers that I had packed inside of me that were not loving. In each session I was getting the opportunity to feel the things that I had ‘taken on’ in life; anxieties, self pity, alienation, guilt, all the hurts; in fact in the first few years I think I cried in just about every session, just releasing and working on understanding all this stuff I didn’t even know that I was carrying around and covering up, being ‘nice about’ and over-compensating for.

Every session I felt lighter and more myself, more open, less stressed and able to deal with my reactions to the tensions in life more responsibly. I found I was less emotional, more detached and not such a sponge for everyone else’s issues, which was incredibly liberating.

The thing about Sacred Esoteric Healing that no one can prepare you for because it is yours to expose for yourself, is the level of honesty that you have to bring to yourself. There is no way you can hide from the truth that your soul will bring to you in a session, except to not choose to go for a healing session. It is very confronting and courageous to face yourself and be honest about all that you are, how you have loved and harmed yourself and others in life. These are the times that you learn beautiful lessons about compassion and self-appreciation

I really enjoyed discovering about myself and all my relationships through the healings. On occasion I would get defensive, but the truth that I would feel from my body and my internal voice that would speak to me, resonated so much I could not live in denial of it. Actually I loved the responsibility and integrity that I was beginning to appreciate was necessary to live my life, making choices that were more regarding and loving, not only for myself but for all those I was in relationship with.

I addressed the way I was relating to people, exercising, what foods I was eating, my sleeping patterns, how I chose to spend my money, my judgements of myself and others, my laziness and lack of commitment, jealousy, gossiping, my stubbornness, not being inclusive with people but exclusive, my arrogance and so much more; and guess what? The list is ongoing and always needing to be refined, which I have also come to accept is a natural part of healing …….that you are always working on developing yourself with a purpose to be more loving. Why wouldn’t you want to be always developing yourself, to have a greater understanding of yourself …. it just feels like you are growing and evolving.

When I get on the table now for my regular healing, it is the most sacred time for me, it’s like coming home. It is a moment dedicated to really feeling what has been happening to me of late, having to reflect on where I have strayed away from being loving, feel my inspirations, and my self doubts and reservations, and the more I have yet to accept.

It is a time to just surrender my body, exhale and allow the healing. This develops such a trust in understanding that everything will be OK and that I am much greater as a person than the hurts I may be feeling at that moment ….. everything passes, everything heals.

After several years of receiving healing my Mum said to me one day, “darling you are so calm to be around, you have returned to the joyful little girl I always knew you to be”. This is my true nature and this was the biggest confirmation I could have about the massive impact that Sacred Esoteric healing was having on me… that I could re connect to who I truly, naturally was born to be, and that THAT was what I was now able to express more freely in my relationships with people.

Today I honour the fact that I live in a truly loving relationship with my partner and everyone that I meet, that I live in excellent health and wellbeing not in a ‘trying’ to be perfect way, just in a committed way. I feel that through Sacred Esoteric Healing I have learnt so much about loving, and had so much guidance and support, like a natural compass to stay steady on my life’s path.