My husband and I have been having Skype sessions with Gabe and Annette for the last 3yrs. These sessions have been pivotal in the beautiful and solid foundation we have in our relationship today. For an outsider looking in our relationship appeared normal and stable, but we knew that in truth it had become static, stale and lacking in joy. We have had an amazing journey with Annette and Gabe in which we have been able to take our relationship to a much deeper level where we honour, love and respect each other in a way we would have never thought possible.

Annette and Gabe are Councellors like no other. They are fully present to us in our sessions and can feel and express where we may have been stuck and where we need to go next. Even on Skype we feel their warmth and love coming through coupled with their many skills and life experiences. Our sessions are joyful and even with occasional tears shed we always come away feeling inspired and deeply appreciated.

We still have regular sessions with them but maybe not quite so often and consider the sessions [we have now] as maintenance for our relationship.

Anne and Pete, New Zealand