It started with a damaged knee. It is amazing how life’s greatest journeys always start with something so random. I remember sitting at my desk at work having just completed my first (and only at this point) sprint triathlon, staring out the window, knee throbbing as I knew I should not have done the sprint tri with my knee as it was but did it anyway, and thinking about that, I was not happy.  My body was breaking down, I was angry and I did not like the person I saw looking back at me in the mirror very much.  I wanted to change.  I wanted to change the way I communicated with and treated other people and I wanted to change the way I treated myself.  I reached out to a close friend with my concerns and she recommended that I speak with Annette and Gabe.  She thought that they would be a good fit for me because they were available to Skype (therefore the fact that I live in London would be no obstacle), and as a natural introvert I would not initially feel threatened by sitting in a stranger’s treatment room/office as I could have my sessions in the comfort of my own home.  So, girding my loins at the prospect of having therapy but feeling very clear minded about my goal, I emailed them.  I was intimidated at first.  I had done my homework on the both of them and realised that given their expertise and specialisms, my nebulous and vague notions of change and what that may mean might not be the right fit.  I was wrong to be intimated.  I do not know if it was something in my email to them (the desperation most likely) but they responded immediately and very lovingly and we were off.

There is nothing quite like a session with Annette and Gabe.  First and foremost there is without a doubt always a sense of warmth, love and welcome emanating from both of them.  It puts one immediately at ease in their presence. Secondly, the dynamic between the three of us in a session is incredible. Gabe is on hand to ask the questions and draw the issues out while Annette patiently absorbs and reads the responses I give and then, like a bolt of lightning or a key fitting into the lock she makes an observation that draws everything together and brings it into sharp focus so that there can be healing. Each session is different. Sometimes, I am a patient or a client, sometimes I am a student learning at the feet of higher energy and sometimes I am the teacher as I regale the girls with stories about my legal practice and the impact it has on my daily life.  There are times when our sessions are intense and heavy going and when I come into a session burdened or in protection, Gabe and Annette know how to pull those walls down so I can let light and healing back into my life again.  There are also times where we simply laugh and release the tensions from our previous sessions and delight in the joy and the healing that has occurred as a result and those are undoubtedly my favourite.

I cannot imagine a world where I do not know Annette and Gabe. If I did not know Annette and Gabe then I would not know myself as well I do now.  Through Annette and Gabe I have learned about energy, loving expression, about action and reaction and I have learned about truth and the incredible power of love.  I cannot thank them or love them enough for the light they have brought into my life and I hope to be able to pay their knowledge and wisdom forward and be a light in the lives of those around me.

Do not be afraid to open up.  Do not be afraid to change.

Janine, Brisbane, Australia.