“I’ve seen a few Counsellors throughout my life and some have been very good but when it comes to relationships Annette and Gabe are in a class of their own.

These two have an ability to read and hone in on the truth. Together they are able to communicate what they observe in a way that holds me. No matter how confronting the truth may be, I am able to hear and feel what is being presented without going into reaction or denial (most of the time). And if I do react? There’s no judgement- just a reminder of my own innate wisdom and ability to feel the truth.

Annette and Gabe are master communicators and I always feel supported and empowered when I have a session with them.

The changes I have been able to make in my relationships with their support have been nothing short of miraculous. I am far more aware of my responsibility in the circumstances that play out in my life. With their support I have learned how to truly treasure my unique qualities, and in turn this has helped me to open my heart and be more loving with others. I cannot thank these two enough for the incredible power, wisdom and down to earth lived experience they share. My life and relationships are infinitely richer as a result of my choice to seek true Relationship Counselling with Annette and Gabe.”

Leonne, Melbourne, Australia.