My husband and I have been seeing Gabe and Annette for relationship counselling for the past 7 years.

Relationship counselling was not something we explored because our relationship was in turmoil or suffering in a particular way, but together we decided we were committed to getting to know one another deeper and developing our way of communication.

Gabe and Annette opened a space for us to speak freely to one another without judgement or pressure, allowing us a platform sometimes hard to get to in the day-to-day tasks within a relationship, through the sessions we were able understand one another more and grow together, and were constantly reminded of our potential as individuals and as a couple.

Our experience confirms that couples therapy shouldn’t only be considered if a relationship is stagnant or in trouble; our sessions have supported us in seeing what a relationship between two people truly is and how best to understand what is required of each other to maintain a consistent, open, committed, loving relationship.

Georgie and James, Sydney, Australia.