We began working with Gabe and Annette after hearing them present on several occasions on relationships, and getting to know them personally. Their lived experience that they so openly share, and the deep and tender love they have for each other and others was what drew us to working with them. We had no specific issues to deal with we just knew we wanted more connection with each other and we wanted to explore the possibility of being more love in our relationship, and they lived that ‘more’.

Working with them has supported us to not only go deeper in our relationship with each other but also our daughter and all those around us. We had a loving and supportive relationship before beginning our work with Annette and Gabe but we now connect in a way that is far richer than we could have ever imagined. They have reminded us that it is through the expression of our love in our thoughts, words and actions that we can truly be connected to another and that it is possible to be in love with everyone.

Penelope and Michael, Queensland, Australia.