Annette and Gabe have been an absolute Godsend for me – I first saw them on stage presenting at a Universal Medicine event and straight away went “I want a relationship like that”.  Since then I have sought their support and never looked back – They are so loving to each other (and everyone else), which is super inspiring and shows what is possible in relationships. They are super down to earth, understanding and they don’t take sides whatsoever.

I first started seeing them in 2012/2013 (when I was 17/18), whilst I was in a rocky relationship with my boyfriend. I actually have no words for how supportive they were for me during this time, they were just deeply caring and helped me understand what was going on for me. I then continued to see them when I was single and see them still with my now Husband. My husband, me and our housemate have also all had an appointment together which I feel shows the variety of what Annette and Gabe can offer in their sessions. For me, they are two of the most caring, genuine, wise and understanding people I have ever met (and am likely to meet).

My Husband and I don’t just have appointments with Annette and Gabe when something is wrong now either, they offer an opportunity for couples to deepen and grow in their relationships, so there is no staleness and no loss of that ‘honeymoon period’. One thing I will never forget from them is that you can never get bored in a relationship as the person is changing everyday and that you have to stay spunky yourself- for you and your partner.

For me, Annette and Gabe have been rocks during times when I felt that everything was unstable, as their consistency and support never changes. I’ve never had a bad, dull or even just ‘okay’ appointment with them – it’s always been amazing. Without Annette and Gabe I know I wouldn’t have the spunky, sexy, sweet, caring and loving relationship that I do now. They allowed and supported me to feel, understand and trust myself in relationships – I am no longer confused, unsure or unconfident, but confident, sure and just amazed by the love that I have in my life. Thank you ever so deeply guys xx.

Emily, Brisbane, Australia.