As a man, I was a bit worried, nervous and in denial at first about seeing counsellors. Annette and Gabe however, made me feel really comfortable, were very understanding and gave me the space that allowed me to express what I needed to express, when I felt to do so. They take no sides, which I feel most people would be worried about when seeking relationship counselling, especially for guys.

My wife and I see them regularly, not because there is anything necessarily wrong, but just because they help so much in understanding where our relationship is at, and where it can go next. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength and our appreciation for them cannot be expressed with words.

Personally, Annette and Gabe have helped me understand so much about myself and can communicate to me in a way that makes sense, that makes it tangible/real and doesn’t sound like it came out of a textbook. My relationships have grown and deepen in the most beautiful way, and I couldn’t of done it without their support.

You guys are amazing and I wish everyone in the world could meet you!

Harry, Brisbane, Australia.